Our Markets

Industrial Heating

Industries require fuel for continuous heating for their boilers, and furnaces. We are servicing industries in the areas of minerals processing, glass and ceramic manufacturing, metals, fertilizer, cement, pharmaceutical and automobile companies.


Power Generation

We provide natural gas as fuel for power generation to areas which are remote to mainland (islands), non-reliable electric power supply and large electrical demand in environmentally conscious manner. We provide robust end to end customised solutions to generate distributed power at reduced cost on sustainable basis.


Off-grid Remote location

Gasgrows provides heating and power solutions to off-grid facilities including mines, industries, cruise etc by providing natural gas. We offer a complete LNG virtual pipeline solution including LNG procurement, LNG transportation and on-site LNG storage and processing equipment for desired usage.

Commercial Establishments

Gasgrows offers natural gas through skid mounted micro – LNG facilities to Hotels, Malls, Airports, Data centers, and Hospitals for on-site power generation, heating, cooling, cooking and drying usage. Data Centers require 24×7 alternate power support that can provide quality electricity output. Gasgrows offers end to end solutions for generating USP quality power for data centers.


City Gas Distribution

With an increasing number of favorable initiatives taken in the CGD sector by the Government of India, an increasing number of companies are being authorized to operate in CGD industry in different geographies across the country. Gasgrows operates in this sector indirectly via our LCNG plants and directly via our plans to operate in few geographical areas.



LNG has the potential to be used by cruisers, ferries, barges and tug boats. It is already used as a fuel for vessels on inland waterways. LNG fuel, which is virtually free of sulphur and particulates, can help shipping operators to reduce local emissions. We deliver LNG to the customers in marine sector.