Origination – Originated in 2019, Gasgrows is a customer small-scale LNG solution provider at the forefront of the fastest growing sectors of alternative fuel distribution. Gasgrows provides faster, safer and cheaper small-scale LNG solutions including LNG procurement, LNG transportation, and LNG onsite equipment and support for end usage of LNG – ‘LNG as Fuel’ and ‘LNG as Power’.

Gasgrows has partnered with terminal and best technology companies working in the area of LNG and power generation to bring the most advanced solutions to India in the most cost-effective manner. Gasgrows is promoted by experienced professionals having established and proven track record in the areas of oil & gas supply chain, commodities trading, logistics, banking and finance.

Mission – Gasgrows’ mission is to make clean, reliable, and affordable alternative energy for everyone through a full integration small-scale LNG solutions for off-grid industries, power generation, remote operations, CGDs, marine bunkering and truck refuelling markets.

Strategy – Our strategy is to aggregate volumes from a collective of customers, creating economies of scale within our supply chains that are financially attractive. We work closely with local partners and customers in developing LNG receiving terminals. Our strategy is to source LNG directly from terminals, allowing for lower costs to help stimulate growth of the small-scale LNG market.

Incubation – Incubated by IIT Mumbai SINE (Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship).


Why Gasgrows?

Re-Imagine Small-scale LNG (SSLNG)

Become “Future Ready” replacing conventional approach with Gasgrows ways of working.


Conventional Approach GasGrows Approach
Single Source Focus Terminal Agnostic
Rigid Pricing 100% Transparency
Traditional Financing Multiple Financing Options
Take or Pay Pay as Per Demand
Cash & Carry Flexi Payment Options
Costly 15 – 20% Cheaper
Manage Internal Team Fully Managed Services
Inaccuracies & Error 100% Accuracy Guaranteed
Manual Systems Fully Automated
Slow Response Time 24 x 7 Availability

Our Features

Cost predictability

Become “Future Ready” replacing conventional approach with Gasgrows ways of working.


We reduce enterprise level carbon footprint with no additional scare resource utilization



Our solutions are fully flexible from procure to pay cycle



Modularity of our solutions enable you to scale up your operations as you grow



Our operations are fully secured, safe and reliable



Our team is available for 24 x 7 support and troubleshooting



All operations are visible in real time basis for you to make your decisions



Our solutions provide multiple end-usage such as heating, fueling, power and feedstock